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 "The people of Owosso are justly proud of the City Airport, which was formally opened to public service in June, 1952"

 (From a 1961 Owosso map published by the then named Owosso Chamber of Commerce.)

History of the Airport

 Runway 28

Photo credit: David Vaughn 

 Built on the site of Owosso's first grist mill, "Little Grist Mill", The Matthews Building is of the Matthews Building and Owosso in general. The first major improvement to the building was a new hydraulic elevator put into operation in early 1995.  Several other smaller projects are on-going.  

The building later was sold to an outside developer and due to a lack of needed upkeep, at least part of it is due to be demolished.

Work started 9/22/2020  The work you are seeing here is to put up a safety fence around the building.
Image from Sept. 2020

18 April 2022 City of Owosso notice:
Demolition of the Matthew's Building is scheduled for this week. Residents should expect sidewalk closures and closure of the southbound lane of Water Street next to the building.

Argus-Press Matthews Building Comes Down

The Shiawassee County Courthouse

 In the early 1970's, there was talk of tearing down the building, however, it would cost $75,000 to do the demolition work. In the 1980's, a study showed that the old court house was more energy efficient than the 1969 annex building.

The courthouse was completely refurbished under the leadership of George Hoddy. Many others worked on several committees and $2,000,000 was raised for the needed repairs.

The Courthouse is the undisputed 'GEM' of Shiawassee County. Not only worth millions of dollars, but it is used daily by hundreds of people and it quietly reminds us of time we have left, as it tolls the hours of the day.

 The courthouse was most recently renovated in 2009. Read about it here.

 Photo credit: © Bonnie E. Zell

Owosso City Hall

 The Owosso City Hall

 City Homepage

 Photo credit: © Bonnie E. Zell

Owosso City Hall streetview

The Curwood Festival includes fun on the Shiawassee River. 

 Water Fun Photo credit: © Bonnie E. Zell


An autumn day in Corunna, the County Seat of Shiawassee County. 

A Shady Day

Photo credit: © Bonnie E. Zell

A Home in Our Area

 The 1225

The largest steam locomotive in Michigan is located in Owosso.   A group of Michigan State University students began restoring this locomotive in 1969.   They established The Michigan State Trust For Railway Preservation, Inc., and in 1983 the locomotive was relocated to its new home in Owosso. 

 For more information see the MSTRP/Project 1225 home page.

Amos Gould House

The Amos Gould house at 100 W. Oliver St. in Owosso was the home of Owosso's first mayor.   It was purchased by the city in 1979 and now houses the Owosso Historical Commission.  Gould House is normally open Sundays from 1:00pm - 5:00pm, June through September.  Groups may be scheduled outside of these hours for tours.  Contact (989) 725-0599.  The city may be offering to sell it.  More info:

For information on renting The Amos Gould house for a wedding or other event visit the Owosso City Website

Google Street View

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This picture is from Google Street View and was taken before the hedges were removed in the summer of 2010.

Curwood Castle in the Winter

Photo credit: © David Vaughn