A Photo Tour of Shiawassee County Michigan

[Curwood Castle...click to view full size]

This is Curwood Castle, Owosso's unique historical landmark and former studio of adventure writer James Oliver Curwood. The Castle is located in Curwood Castle Park overlooking the Shiawassee River and is open to the public 1-5 p.m. daily except Monday. The Curwood Festival is held each summer in honor of the Curwood heritage. The Curwood Castle and Gould House main floors are available for rent on an hourly basis. The grounds around the Castle may also be rented. Affiliated businesses may be secured to conduct teas or historic or medieval weddings. Contact the Castle at (989) 723-2155 or Owosso City Hall at (989) 725-0599 for more details or reservations.

For information on renting Curwood Castle for a wedding or other event visit the Owosso City Website. Please call them if you want more information.


The Castle is near the Shiawassee Arts Center, home of the Shiawassee Arts Council which sponsors and encourages participation and appreciation of the arts in the Shiawassee County area. The council plans, develops and presents arts and cultural activities that educate, entertain or enhance the quality of life in the community.

Shiawassee River in Downtown Owosso. The sidewalk in the foreground is a part of the Bicycle River Walk that extends from Green Meadows Park, north of Owosso, all the way to McCurdy Park in Corunna. In the distance you can probably make out the bridge carrying M-21 (Main Street) over the river.

Comstock cabin was built in the mid-1830s for Elias Comstock, a merchant, school teacher and justice of the peace. It was the first permanent residence in Owosso. Part of the reason that the cabin is well preserved is that a more modern residence was built around it. When that house was torn down the cabin was moved several times, finally to its present location in Owosso's Historical Park along the Shiawassee river, just south of Curwood Castle.

Curwood Castle viewed from the Heritage Footbridge over the Shiawassee River. Comstock Cabin is to the left just outside of this picture and the Mitchell Performing Arts Center (Amphitheater) and the Owosso Middle School are across the river to the right.

Panoramic view of Curwood Castle. Picture © 2006 by Rick Church.