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James Oliver Curwood was born in Owosso on June 12, 1878, and lived here most of his life. Writing and love of nature were his boyhood interests, and by 1908 Curwood was earning most of his living as a novelist. Most of his stories were adventure tales set in the Canadian North, where the author spent much of his time. During the 1920s his books were among the most popular in North America, and many were made into movies. The Castle, built in 1922, was his writing studio, and a number of his latter works were composed in the tower, overlooking the Shiawassee River. Curwood became a zealous conservationist, and in 1926 he was appointed to the Michigan Conservation Commission. He died at his nearby home on Williams Street on August 13, 1927.*

*From Curwood Castle's Michigan Historical Sites Marker

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James Oliver Curwood Books

  • 1908 The Courage of Captain Plum

  • 1920 The Valley of Silent Men

  • 1908 The Wolf Hunters

  • 1909 The Gold Hunters

  • 1909 The Great Lakes

  • 1910 The Danger Trail

  • 1911 The Honor of the Big Snows

  • 1911 Philip Steele

  • 1912 The Flower of the North

  • 1921 God's Country - The Trail to Happiness

  • 1913 Isobel

  • 1914 Kazan

  • 1915 God's Country and the Woman

  • 1916 The Hunted Woman

  • 1916 The Grizzly King

  • 1917 Barec, Son of Kazan (Edited version of his Autobiography)

  • 1918 The Courage of Marge O'Doone

  • 1921 The Golden Snare

  • 1921 The Flaming Forest

  • 1922 The Country Beyond

  • 1923 The Alaskan

  • 1924 A Gentleman of Courage (Steele of the Royal Mounted)

  • 1925 The Ancient Highway

  • 1926 Swift Lightning

  • 1926 The Black Hunter

  • 1928 The Plains of Abraham

  • 1929 The Crippled Lady of Peribonka

  • 1930 Green Timber

  • 1930 Son of the Forests

  • 1931 Falkner of the Inland Seas

  • 1919 Nomads of the North

  • 1983 The Glory of the Living (Autobiography - 1919 The River's End reprinted as written and published in 1920 Back to God's Country England in the late 1920s)

James Oliver Curwood Movies

  • Back to God's Country (1919) (novel)

  • Back to God's Country (1953) (novel)

  • Blood of the Hunter (1995) (novel)

  • Call of the Klondike (1950) (story)

  • Call of the Yukon (1938) (novel Swift Lightning)

  • Country Beyond, The (1936) (story)

  • Kazan (1949)

  • Nikki, Wild Dog of the North (1961) (novel)

  • Ours, L' (1989) (novel The Grizzly King) ... aka The Bear (1989)

  • River's End (1930) (story)

  • River's End, The (1920) (story)

  • Rough Ridin' Rhythm (1938)

  • Silver Trail, The (1938)

  • Snow Dog (1950)

  • Song of the Trail (1936)

  • Timber War (1936)

  • Trail Beyond, The (1934) (novel The Wolf Hunters)

  • Trails of the Wild (1936)