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Shiawassee County

Shiawassee County is named for its principal river. Shiawassee is thought to be a Native American ("Indian") word. One story goes that early settlers met a band of Indians and asked them where their camp was and they replied something that sounded like "shia-wah-see" meaning "down the river straight ahead".

(See http://www.migenweb.org/shiawassee/history.html)

Another theory is that Shiawassee is thought to be a Indian word meaning "river that twists about." (See http://www.multimag.com/county/mi/shiawassee/)

We are located 24 miles west of Flint, 35 miles northeast of Lansing, 85 miles northwest of Detroit, and 259 miles northeast of Chicago.

Our county occupies an ideal location in mid-Michigan, and is a pleasant and attractive area in which to live.

The county seat is Corunna, and other major cities and villages are Byron, Durand, Laingsburg, Morrice, New Lothrop, Vernon, Henderson, Lennon, Owosso and Perry.

The name Owosso was derived from a famous Indian Chieftain named Wasso. The community started as a trading center and became an incorporated city in 1859.

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